Hen farming is that the breeding of domesticated birds (bird, turkey, geese, duck, and many others.) for commercial functions and/or for personal intake.

Hen farming may be a profitable but sensitive enterprise. rewarding within the feel that the intake of the top product; hen and egg are in regular call for up and down the united states and it takes place to be a mighty source of animal protein outside fish, beef and pork. extra importantly hen products fall beneath the class of pork , believed to be greater wholesome for human intake.

Sensitive inside the experience that manufacturers are very careful in being concerned for the birds to keep away from catastrophe which is probably as a consequences of ailment infecting the birds. an sincere example of the type of ailment to be able to infect the birds is “bird flu” which may also wipe out the entire birds at some stage in a count number of days.

Nigeria may be a massive marketplace for fowl products given that people have a tendency to opt for chicken products to meat because of the fitness benefits it’s Believed to bestow. a number of the illnesses affecting in particular the elderly human beings like excessive essential signal , cholesterol and heart related diseases are related to meat .

Preliminary capital outlay. the preliminary capital is low as compared with every other investments. with as low as ₦50,000.00, you may start with about a hundred day old chicks and in however two months, you are promoting grownup chickens otherwise you’re selling eggs.

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