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07069224567 Goodwill Ceramic Co. Ltd is involve in the manufacturing of ceramic & porcelain tiles/other building materials in nigeria. You can buy @ (WHOLESALE, RETAIL AND PERSONAL CONSUMPTION) Place your order now at factory prices. Goodwill Ceramic Co. Ltd Industry is a manufacturing company specialized in production of quality sanitary wares, ceramic and porcelain tiles to cater for the market demand in Africa and China.  Contact Us Today ☎️ 07069224567  We are world class factory produces an average of 1000 thousand pieces of sanitary ware and 6 million square meters of porcelain tiles per annum with room for future expansion. Our company uses only top grade raw materials and cutting edge technology, controlled and supervised by a highly experienced team of industry professionals. Our aim is to be the leading ceramic manufacturing company in Nigeria offering high-end bathroom solutions and floor finishing, centered on quality, reliability and sustainability.  From bathroom to living room, our products create an ambience of style, elegance, and poise.  Goodwill porcelain/ceramic tiles come in a variety of contemporary designs currently available in sizes of 80×80 interior floor tile, 60×120 interior floor tile, 60×60 interior floor tile, 30×30 interior floor tile, 30×60 interior floor tile, 40×40 interior floor tile, 25×50 interior wall tile, 25×40 interior wall tile, 25×50 exterior wall tile in both matt and polished finish. Our Porcelain tiles’ attributes exceed international standards.  When deciding on a new tiles, goodwill ceramic tile should be one of your best options. Goodwill Ceramic tile has a finishing effect that can been seen in most homes today with different designs and styles; from contemporary to colonial, there is a perfect fit to all applications. Goodwill Ceramic tile is widely adaptable and can be used in an array of settings, from kitchens and baths to dining rooms and living rooms. Whether it’s a stone finish you’re after or a traditional glazed finish, there’s a style to suit every taste. Size: 30×30, 60×60, 40×40, 30×60, 25×40 25×50 Type: Vitrified Floor Tile Country:  Nigeria Purpose: For use on toilet/bathroom floor, kitchen floor, sitting room, living rooms  Features: * Lower Water Absorption * Cost Effective * Variety of Styles * High Flexural Strenght * Resistance to Abrasion * Resistance to Feezing * Design Flexibility * Ease of Installation * Different Sizes and Colours.  These include: 0.5% water absorption ratio Resistance to Crazing Resistance to surface & deep abrasion Stain and chemical resistance Resistance to thermal shock.  For further information please Whatsapp or contact us on 07069224567 Thank’s for your business.

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